I Love Cleaning Out Garages and Basements

Really, I LOVE cleaning out garages & basements!  It’s a hunt for treasure, and trust me, we always find treasure. There are several things to keep in mind to make a successful day of it.

10 Proven Ways to Help Clean Out and Organize Your Garage or Basement

  1. Get help! Cajole, beg, promise to reciprocate, pay a professional. Make sure your helpers are going to stay until you are finished.
  2. Have a goal in mind such as park the car in here, see the floor, find your golf clubs, sparkling with everything on shelves in labeled containers. Make sure your helpers know the goal.
  3. Set a time limit. Giving yourself a deadline such as four hours, or by 3pm helps you stay focused and in action. Scheduling 1-800-Got-Junk to show up that same day is good motivation to be ready for them.
  4. Have a plan for all of the things you are going to decide to live without so at the end of the project you can enjoy the satisfaction of achieving your goal. Stack of plastic containers and lids at the ready.
  5. Create piles outside the garage of junk, hazardous waste, donations, and even the stuff you will keep. That’s four piles.
  6. Have the haulers coming that day. Post items on FreeCycle.com and watch them disappear that afternoon.
  7. Have boxes to put the hazardous waste in and load it into your car, knowing in advance where and when you can drop it off.
  8. Choose where you are going to donate items and remember to get your donation receipt.  Intuit’s “Its Deductible” program will give you the IRS approved deduction amounts.
  9. Have the right tools such as helpers, garbage bags, shelving, plastic containers.
  10. Put the items you are keeping back into the garage by “department” such as Sports, Camping, Archived Office, Tools, Supplies, and Household Items.

BONUS TIP – Make it fun, have pizza and soft drinks maybe a tailgate party.