San Fran Move Coordination Stories June 2012

People often wonder what I have seen and learned in my years in this industry. It could fill a book. Several volumes! To be honest, my clients are generally very private, and yet, there is a universal, human thread which runs through each of their stories. As I have the utmost in respect for my clients and their privacy, please understand that certain details are obscured.

Over time our aim is to post a chronicle of highlights from most months, however, sometimes we are simply too busy. This time you are in luck! Here are a few highlights from this month…

June Adventures in Move Coordination

June 13, 2012 – First step on arrival, go w/ clients to walk through new house. Expanding from 2000sf condo in San Francisco, to 4500sf single story house w/ views of the Santa Catalina mountains in Tucson, AZ. Figure out furniture placement, kitchen layout & storage usage. Back to hotel to make the room signs & create photo boards for each room so movers & organizers can be efficient & effective.

San Francisco CA  to Tuscon AZ Move CoordinationMy 104 degree office on the front porch in Tucson, AZ. You have to check off the inventory as it is unloaded to make sure it is all here. Cummings Moving, the BEST moving company in the Bay Area, drove the household down on their truck (with no air-conditioning) to meet me. And now, thank goodness I am joined by Robin Davi, Professional Organizer & NAPO member & an assistant to help me w/ the unpack & organizing!

June 15, 2012 – Two crazy, intense days, 3 women per day on the team, creating a beautiful and impeccably organized home. The unpack team so appreciated the photo boards which were referred to time and again as they answered the question: How was this originally organized? While the client will be adapting to their new home, my systems make certain we retain as much original order to the placement of their belongings as possible. Fortunately this client came from only 2200 square feet and we organized everything into 4500sf. Easier, but presents its own challenges. Almost too many choices. Always the kitchen is the first priority. In this case her office was next due to volume of stuff and its importance. She was recently hired for her dream job and he is already retired.

Cummings Moving arrives on time at 8am in Tucson, to begin move in. Clients are at work, & taking care of their personal priorities. For 3 hours just Ricardo, Jose & me. At 11 Robin Davi & colleague Teri arrive w box cutters, 2 cases of water & a “get to it” attitude.

Strategy & logistics are my strong suit. 37 + pieces of furniture & 175 boxes of varying sizes is the delivery. Where do you start. How many people do you need. In this case, Myself, Robin Davi (who matches me in stamina and focus which is scary) and her associates Teri and Shirley. Our job: make a home out of the contents within all the boxes and paper. All this while one client is playing golf and the other is at the office.  Heaven in the middle of your move is my real service!

Cummings is done @ 3pm. Hottest heat of the day. Tip: Men in their valuable single focused way are great movers. Women with our diffused awareness focus make better unpackers.  Once the truck is unloaded the crew will happily tweak, move, move again. But ONLY “happily so” once their primary responsibility is discharged. I’m okay with that. It’s important to understand subtleties like this. Once understood  there is benefit to it!

Amazing home again.  Finished on time according to the bid, plus one hour, 2 people because the office furniture drawers had been unpacked rather than “wrap n go” due to time & distance of move.

June 26, 2012 – I meet with the Executor, he hires me to clean out a 5000 square foot San Francisco home. His friend, an avid collector, had lived in for 40 years. He asked if I could do this in SEVEN days… Yes, I said. We sorted all the contents so the heirs could make their choices; called 1 800 Got Junk; called Cummings Moving; called Michaan’s Auctions. 7 days start to finish. Done.