Bay Area Seniors – Move with Care

I was reminded again this week in San Francisco, what a stress moving is on the human being.  Behaviors, during a move that other people find excessive or erratic, I and my preferred moving company Cummings Moving & Storage, see as normal client behavior. This is often simply not understood by the “otherlings” as we fondly call them; even the institutions/organizations that have residents cycling through.

Seniors and Elders are on the Move in San Francisco

Moving causes stress.  Period.  When planning the move of a senior citizen of the US today, you are referencing people in their 70’s and ‘80’s.  They are independent. They do not like to be “handled”.  By damn they have survived and embraced a rush of industry, technology, war and peace and can teach us all a thing or two!

It is not unusual , as happened today, to tour an apartment of seniors, where two offices complete with printers and laptops, have to be set up in a small second bedroom because they have work to do.  These TWO offices are of the utmost value to them. It is a crucial part and vital link to the way they continue as vital, connected and productive members of their community.  Whatever holds the attention and passion of us as we grow older/ age is really just that important. 

My client is thrilled that at 88 she has an impending knee surgery that will make life less painful and movement easier, and yet as I move her into a single level apartment half the size of her home of 31 years, she refers to the steps to the second floor as her exercise, stay-young program.  And she won’t miss them.